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October 2022

Your privacy is of great importance. In this privacy policy you can find how you data is processed and by who.

When given permission for receiving push notifications, the app requests a unique token which is stored on our server. Through this token I can send notifications to your device. This token is generated on your phone specifically for the Waterbomber app. You are not tracable through this token. For retrieving this token the app uses Firebase from Google.

When using the `Zones` feature of the app, the information you've entered in the form is stored on the server.

For improvement purposes of the app information is gathered on the usage of the app. The collecting of this data is performed by Firebase. With the help of this data, e.g. the device type, the app can be improved.

When not using the premium version of the app, ads will be shown and loaded. External parties, among who is Google, use techniques (e.g. Cookies) to show advertisements based on you preferences and interests. If you don't want to receive personalised ads, visit

You can find the privacy policy of Firebase via

Right to be forgotten
All data in the app is completely anonymous (unless you've entered personal details in the zone form). If you still want your data to be removed, please mail me at and provide the &qout;your app&qout; code, which you can find on the top of the settings screen.